“The Book Trailer”

Well, I just got off the phone with my Publisher – the guy is a genius! – and he said I need a Book Trailer to help promote the book. I said “I thought the book was SO good it sells itself?”  After he wiped the suddenly-spit coffee off of the phone receiver he went on to explain to me that a book trailer is how all books are promoted these days and if I didn’t create one I am a big wuss.

Who’s he calling a wuss?

So, I guess I’m creating a Book Trailer…and so are you!  (Read On)


The Idea

The Idea is to compile videos from multiple folks reading their favorite grievances (yes more than one if you like) and then compile them into a promotional video to unleash on the world.  Bonus points for showing the book, giving an interesting reading and/or filming from an interesting location. If you don’t like any of the grievances in the book, question why you are wasting our collective time and just send a video of yourself sitting in complete silence, in solemn protest.

The best videos will make it into the video and your name (as/if desired) will appear in the credits. Video will be released sometime between now and Festivus (23 December) 2017.

The Steps

Step 1 - Find A Grievance

FIND A GRIEVANCE that you like from the BOOK, or you can also use one from the postings or the blurbs on this site if you don’t have the book, you big cheapo!



Step 2 - Record A Grievance

Take out a phone and film your dramatic reading of the GRIEVANCE. Bonus points for interesting presentation and/or location.

*Tip: Record it in landscape mode so all the videos are consistent. See image to see what that means.

Step 3 - Send A Grievance

Submit your masterpiece to add it to what could quite possibly be the biggest viral video of the yearSend to